CIPE-Win32 - Crypto IP Encapsulation for Windows NT/2000

Latest update: October 19, 2002

New: Version 2.0-pre15

CIPE-Win32 is a port of Olaf Titz's CIPE package from Linux to Windows NT. It is protocol compatible with versions 1.3.0 and greater of the Linux implementation. It OS compatible with Windows NT4.0 SP3 - SP6 and Windows 2000. It does not run (yet) on DOS based Windows versions or Windows XP.

It is my intent to follow Olaf's production versions as closely as possible. I will not, however, be providing "development" versions because such versions are used to implement new features. I believe that the production features should be decided with the Linux implementation and then followed by this (and any other) port to another platform, thus preventing "code forks".

CIPE is an ongoing project to build encrypting IP routers. The protocol used is as lightweight as possible. It is designed for passing encrypted packets between prearranged routers in the form of UDP packets. This is not as flexible as IPSEC but it is enough for the original intended purpose: securely connecting subnets over an insecure transit network. The implementations mentioned below are actually in use in such an application. This implementation, like CIPE itself, is freely available under the GNU GPL.

For more details about CIPE, refer to the CIPE homepage at the CIPE Homepage.

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  • The "documentation" for the Windows package is in the distribution

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